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some of the things I do...

(sort of a bio page really)

There is a fairly broad range of things I work on and folks I work with, but mostly all visual/sound and tech related in some way. I have a love for projectors that has taken me from small/huge projection mapping to live/scratch video performance and interactive installations of various types over the last 10+ years. From earthy Forest Festivals to live performance and installations with posh folks the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, MONA, MAC, Tas Maritime Museum and TMAG. I'm happy to give almost anything a go.  

 After many years staring at a glowing rectangle as an IT tech I decided to get some fresh air and migrated my career from IT to Arts around 2012. Achieving certificates in production tech, production management and community culture has allowed me  to explore the Arts world in many various ways. 


VJ Smucklepod

Free-form live video mixing performance (VJ), projections of many sorts (organic spaces, buildings, mapping, artistic collaborations, festivals etc, interactive installations of reclaimed materials, custom projection installs and many more.  

Tasmanian Light-Field

Light-field photography and presentation, workshops etc..

Come and explore the world of light field living images and interesting ways to present them.

Images below require red/blue 3d glasses to view.



Arts is often all about collaborations and working together to create something special.  So always keen to discuss projects and help with advice where I can. See Contacts