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so, yeah, what's with the blue chair name?

This site is a umbrella website site for things I share.

Currently focused on the Arts industry in the areas of Projection, Light-field imagery, Interactive Installations and Production.

The Big Blue Chair was my original domain from the early dialup days when we made webpages. It left my hands , a few other folks had it, and then came back to my ownership. The reference is simply the chair was sitting on and created a 3D model of early in my graphics career.

In the late 90's we created a lot of animated Gif's for people. Now were into organic projection setups, supporting Arts groups  and computational photography among others. :-)

These are some of the web mages & animations we were doing back then. I used to do quite a bit of 3D work for inventors and such.

Below: Instructional Gifs for late 90's inventors.


Some fun things we made for late  90's websites.