Current/Future Projects

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current and future projects.

What am I currently working on or dreaming up in 2023?.. Lets have a looky..

  • Currently re-building and updating site (March 2023). So expect plenty of new content coming as I dig through the archives. 

Brothers Of Country 2023

I'm honoured to be the video performance side to the amazing Brothers Of Country. When the venue and timing is right they call me up to create a lovely organic live mix that compliments the band without distracting folks, allowing focus on the songs story. This is one of those sorts of video mixes where you want to just add some visual texture but not try to influence the viewers own imaginations to much.

They want me to come on stage and play clap sticks with them.. crikey. in the spotlight ;-)

Small campfire.

Second Echo Ensemble - Part time Pathways course. 

Working with the fine folks throughout much of this year, and being a student again, which is a nice change. 


Lightfield Photography

The deep dive into the computational intensive world of lightfield photography continues. Over the years I've been amassing quite a large collection of lightfield data and experiments in the various ways it can be viewed continue to fascinate.
My first exhibit of 3D photos in late 2020 taught me many things, esp that there is a child like joy in seeing things jump out of the flat page. Putting on a exhibit during the Covid pandemics first year was a challenge ;-)


Looking into Lasers

Lots of ideas for using laser mapping interactively at events. Thinking of writing some software to tinker with user control and mapping for that.  I like big art and lasers can manage that in a small power efficient package. Hmmmm.